Shalom-a volunteer group that has worked for society where disabled people and healthy people could live together has converted into a corporation.

We became familiar with field of the disabled facilities and we knew their vocational products.And then a few people started to support to sell their vocatinal products.30 years later I feel the environment that surrounds disabled people is different from those days.Moreover our activity has chenged.Our currentry activities are what we can do and what we do best.

Our currently activities

1.The support for exhibiting and selling vocatinal products.

One of our main activities that supporting of exhibit and sell vocational products.This activity has started as one of our voluntary events.Our activities connected with disabled facilities and expanded into our various activities.We managed “MACHINAKA YUME KOBO”(The dreamworkshop in Fukushima city)that had opened as base of this activity by consignment business that is called “The community salon for disabled people in Fukushima city.”We sell different types of breads that are baked by disabled people every morning .Additinally we exhibit and sell vocatinal products from over 70 facilities throuout Japan at our bakery filled with the amell of fresh coffee.On the other hand,we have exhibition space that is called”Space L`abri” at a co-op store in IZUMI town.

The project has started changing vocational products for fine products with the supportof the citizens in Fukushima city which has led to “Space L`abri” has becoming our satelite shop.We aim to construct the disabled facility that is supported by community in the change of thesocial welfare environment.

2.We make the interacive fellows.

We are thought that people have their own various handicaps but disabled people don`t exist.We held a chlistmas concert for the first time.Since then,every year for the past 14 years,we have been holding the “The concert with the fellows who lives together.we compensate forhandicup has vanished through the concert.I think the barrire to the disabled people living a normal life,fully integrated in the society,comes from prejudice,we don`t know each other.It is important that we get a chance to share good times together and help each other.

3.We create the community

We think the place we live in is one of the areas where many of fascinating people plays the role and support the community.That people feels the exellence of the areas where we live in by knowing the community.Our culture seminars called “We think our local study” are the place where we invite speakers who present intersting topics.The seminars have been held once a months for the past seven yeras and have helped build a network in our area.We can say that it is one of the human resouces for us when we think our task.Our future plans include shooting a film for constructing the area to the place where our members can use their abilities.

SHALOM`s actinities expand into a new stage with due to the continuous increase of its membership, incruding younger members.SHALOM`s activity is cpntinued by fellows and they construst a much more comfortable area.SHALOM`s activities will changed and they expand to new stage with the numbers of the people who attended our activities with joy and I hopr for peaceful world.